Dora Adanić

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Dora Adanic, our esteemed Chief Financial and Operating Officer, is at the strategic core of our operations. Dora brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in international business, economics, and globalisation, forming the backbone of our enterprise's expansive reach and operational excellence.
Her expertise extends into the intricate world of project management, where her precise coordination and execution of complex initiatives have consistently driven our projects to success. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset, Dora oversees the day-to-day operations of our company, ensuring seamless functionality and efficiency across all departments.
Dora's leadership is pivotal in managing personnel, resources, and stakeholders. She orchestrates the symphony of our operations, maintaining harmony between facilities management, logistics, marketing, and the overall corporate trajectory. Her guidance assures that every facet of our business is aligned with our overarching goals and is operating at its highest potential.
Under her stewardship, our company has thrived in the dynamic dance of global business, deftly navigating the complexities of the market and emerging as a leader in our industry. Dora's unparalleled expertise in steering the company's financial health while optimising our operational capabilities has solidified our standing as a forward-thinking, robust entity in the business world.