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Genera Research Ltd. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company founded in Croatia and is developing recombinant human Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP) based products for use in the tissue regeneration and treatment of orthopaedic, spinal, and dental reconstructive procedures.
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Pioneering Alveolar Ridge Regeneration: A Milestone in Clinical Research

Genera Research is proud to announce a significant milestone in the world of regenerative medicine with the successful recruitment of the first patient in Phase II of a clinical study. This study is focused on testing the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of Osteogrow (recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein 6 in autologous blood coagulum) in alveolar ridge regeneration following tooth extraction. The clinical site for this groundbreaking study is the prestigious Stomatology Faculty of the University of Zagreb.

Genera Research: At the Forefront of the OSTEOproSPINE Breakthrough Featured on CORDIS

In medical breakthroughs, the OSTEOproSPINE project, with Genera Research as a clinical trials sponsor and a consortium partner, has been spotlighted by CORDIS in the ‘Results in Brief’ section of the European Commission’s website. This recognition underscores the significant strides in developing Osteogrow, a novel treatment promising to revolutionize bone regeneration and relieve millions suffering from chronic lumbar back pain in the EU. The phase II clinical trial, backed by Genera Research, has shown that Osteogrow can effectively stabilize the lumbar spine and mitigate pain recurrence. Such innovative advancements exemplify our commitment to pioneering drug discovery and development. As we progress with the final Phase III clinical trials, we are inspired by the CORDIS selection to continue our mission of delivering life-changing treatments to the market. The anticipated introduction of Osteogrow-C in the EU market by 2028 is set to substantially impact patients' quality of life, making a significant milestone for Genera Research and the medical community at large​​.