Hermann Oppermann, MD

Chief Technology Officer and Chief of rhBMP6 Manufacturing

Dr Hermann Oppermann stands at the forefront of technological innovation in the biomedical field as the Chief Technology Officer and head of rhBMP6 manufacturing. With a portfolio of over 110 global patents, his extensive research and development expertise has been pivotal in advancing biomedical technologies.
Dr Oppermann's career is distinguished by his significant contributions to the biopharmaceutical industry, where he has played a key role in bringing several groundbreaking biopharmaceuticals to the market. His strategic vision and technical proficiency have been essential in navigating the complex drug development and manufacturing processes.
Before his tenure, Dr Oppermann's expertise was honed at prestigious institutions such as UCSF, Genentech, CBMI, and Stryker Biotech. These experiences have equipped him with a unique perspective and a robust skill set that he applies to his leadership and innovation at the cutting edge of biotechnology.
At the heart of Dr Oppermann's success is his dedication to excellence and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the biomedical sector. His leadership in technology and manufacturing continues to contribute to developing therapies that enhance patient care and advance the field of medicine.