Kuber Sampath, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Kuber Sampath is the Chief Scientific Officer, a role he defines with his profound expertise in protein drug development and a robust portfolio of over 120 issued patents. A specialist in patenting, he has been instrumental in securing intellectual property rights for groundbreaking pharmaceutical innovations.
As a seasoned expert in pharma business development, Dr Sampath’s strategic insights have been critical to navigating the complex intersection of Science and Business. His contributions have fortified our patent holdings and propelled our organisation’s presence in the competitive landscape of the pharmaceutical industry.
His technical acumen and business savvy have been central to our success in developing new protein drugs that address unmet medical needs. Dr Sampath’s leadership in science and innovation is anchored by his dedication to advancing the frontiers of drug development and bringing novel therapies to the market.
Under his scientific guidance, our team continues to excel in research and development, translating intricate biological processes into therapeutic solutions that benefit patients worldwide. Dr Sampath’s vision and expertise ensure that our scientific endeavours are both cutting-edge and commercially viable.