Mihaela Perić, PhD

Chief Compliance Officer

Dr Mihaela Perić, our Chief Compliance Officer, brings expertise in pre-clinical and clinical drug development, ensuring our organisation adheres to the highest regulatory compliance standards. Her deep knowledge of the drug development process is complemented by her skill in scientific writing and data management, making her a formidable force in the pharmaceutical industry.
With an analytical mind and attention to detail, Dr Perić oversees the critical aspects of regulatory compliance, guiding our company through the complex landscape of pharmaceutical regulations. Her contributions to scientific writing lay the foundation for transparent and effective communication of our research findings. At the same time, her proficiency in data management ensures the integrity and accuracy of our scientific data.
Dr Perić's leadership extends to the financial health of our organisation through her successful fundraising initiatives. Her ability to communicate the value and potential of our research programs has been instrumental in securing the necessary funding to propel our projects forward.
Under Dr Perić’s guidance, our compliance department meets and often exceeds industry standards, ensuring our operations are ethically sound and legally robust. Her strategic vision and dedication to excellence play a pivotal role in maintaining our reputation as a leader in the field of drug development.