Tamara Božić

Quality Chief

Tamara Božić leads with precision and dedication as the Quality Chief, ensuring the highest standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in manufacturing quality control. Her commitment to quality assurance is the cornerstone of our operations, guaranteeing that every product meets stringent regulatory and safety standards.
With a keen focus on drug analytics and stability, Tamara oversees the meticulous data control process, ensuring the integrity and reliability of pharmaceutical products throughout their lifecycle. Her expertise is critical in maintaining the excellence of our drug supply chain management, ensuring that from production to delivery, every step meets the quality that our clients and regulators expect.
Tamara’s leadership in the quality domain is characterised by her thorough approach and unwavering attention to detail. Under her guidance, our quality assurance programs have become models of compliance and efficacy, reflecting her profound understanding of the pharmaceutical industry’s complexities.
Her vigilant oversight and strategic planning continue to set the standard for product excellence, reinforcing our commitment to delivering safe and effective pharmaceuticals to the market.